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Pilot Training Sunshine Coast

Pilot Training Base

Helitec has Pilot Training Bases located at the Sunshine Coast and Gympie Airports. We provide CASA Part 142 training which includes both theory and flight training. Our courses run continuously so you can commence your training at a time that suits you.

Helitec's training facilities allow you to practice your flying, both inside and outside controlled air space. Once you are a qualified pilot, you will enter controlled airspace confidently, knowing the correct procedures.

When you complete your training each day, you are free to enjoy the Hinterland or the Sunshine Coast which stretches from Caloundra to Noosa. Accommodation is available all year round that will suit your requirements. Even the beach side accommodation is reasonably priced. There are many shopping centres, restaurants and entertainment venues available nearby.

You will feel like you are on holidays while you are training. Why not fly over the Noosa River Everglades, or better still, Fraser Island!


Our training produces confident professional pilots. You will hold a pilot’s licence that is ICAO compliant and is recognised world-wide. This is because each of our licence courses includes instrument training.

Our helicopters are modern and well maintained.

We have a nil accident history.

Our qualified flight instructors have thousands of hours experience in both flight training and in commercial helicopter operations.

We will support you throughout your flying career and are able to offer:

  • Flight Reviews
  • Gas Turbine Engine Endorsements
  • Low Level Ratings
  • Sling Endorsements
  • Float Endorsements
  • Night VFR Ratings
  • Formation Flight Endorsements
  • Flight Instructor Ratings

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Trial Instruction Flight

You need to feel comfortable with your decision to learn to fly. The best way of making that decision is to visit us and spend some time in our classroom with an instructor to learn the basics.

Then go for a 30 minute flight with the instructor to see if flying is for you! We are sure that you will love every minute...

The cost of a 30 minute classroom briefing and the 30 minute flight is $399. The next step is to apply for an aviation reference number.

Aviation Reference Number (ARN)

Apply for your ARN by downloading Form 1162 located on CASA’s website:

When you receive your Aviation Reference Number, apply for a medical on CASA’s website then make an appointment with a designated medical examiner (DME).

Medical Certificate

You will need to fill out the medical application form online prior to visiting your chosen DME. Apply for either a Class 1 medical certificate for a commercial pilot licence or a Class 2 medical certificate for a private pilot licence.

The medical application and a list of designated medical examiners is also found on CASA’s website:

Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)

The last step is to apply for an Aviation Security Identification Card or ASIC. This card allows you to go “airside” at an airport without being accompanied by your flight instructor. It is important to have this card prior to going on your first solo flight.

An ASIC may be obtained from Aviation ID Australia at the following link:

Helitec - Pilot Training

Theory Courses

Helitec offers both Part 141 non-integrated flight training and Part 142 integrated flight training.

The non-integrated training course allows you to self-study at home and train at your own pace. The minimum flight time for the non-integrated Commercial Pilot Licence course is 105 hours flight time.

The integrated training course allows you to study and fly in a structured training course. The minimum flight time for the integrated Commercial Pilot Licence course is 100 hours flight time.

Helitec's intergrated flight training is coordinated with Advanced Flight Theory, AFT, training schedules. www.aft.com.au

The CASA CPL(H) theory subjects are as follows:

  1. Human Factors & Limitations
  2. Aircraft General Knowledge
  3. Aerodynamics
  4. Meteorology
  5. Navigation
  6. Air Law
  7. Ops Performance & Planning

The Recreational and Private Pilot Licence theory subjects are the same as above, however the knowledge requirements are slightly lower.

Helitec - Pilot Training

Flight Training Courses

Helitec offers 3 main pilot licence courses:

1. Recreational Pilot Licence
The Recreational Pilot Licence, RPL(H), allows you to fly privately in light helicopters in a designated area.

2. Private Pilot Licence
The Private Pilot Licence allows you to fly friends and family to different locations and includes 10 hours of navigation experience.

3. Commercial Pilot Licence
The Commercial Pilot Licence allows you to fly in multiple roles for hire and reward on a commercial basis. This licence allows you to muster cattle (with the appropriate ratings), undertake charter, scenic and aerial work flights.

Helitec - Pilot Training

Recreational Pilot Licence

The Recreational Pilot Licence, RPL(H), allows you to fly privately in light helicopters in a designated area. The CASA minimum number of hours for this course is 25, however most students prefer to have a few extra hours to hone their skills.

Controlled aerodrome and navigation endorsements may be added to the RPL(H) taking the minimum hours to 32 hours flight time. This course includes 2 hours instrument flight time and 7 hours flight navigation.

The skill level to fly a helicopter is quite high. Most students, therefore upgrade to either private or commercial licences.

Helitec - Pilot Training

Private Pilot Licence

Your Private Pilot Licence may be undertaken via either an integrated condensed course in a minimum of 35 flight hours or via non-integrated self-study with a minimum of 40 flight hours.

Both courses require a minimum of 10 hours of solo flight, 2 hours of instrument flight and 10 hours of navigational flight.

Helitec - Pilot Training

Commercial Pilot Licence

The Commercial Pilot Licence allows you to recoup your training costs and become a professional helicopter pilot.

Our 100 hour flight time course is integrated with your theory subjects so that your course and flight training is completed within a condensed timeframe.

This course includes 65 hours dual flight time with an instructor and 35 hours solo flight time. The dual flight time includes 10 hours of instrument flight time and 15 hours of dual navigation time.

Our 105 hour non-integrated course allows you to self-study at your own pace, however, your last 30 hours flight time needs to be completed within a 3 month timeframe.

If you already have a fixed wing licence, you need a total of 150 hours aeronautical experience including our 70 hour helicopter course.

Helitec - Pilot Training

Flight Reviews

Helitec welcomes you to book your helicopter flight review and low level rating review with us. If you have a busy schedule, we can travel to you.

We always aim to build your skills and even offer training on different types of helicopters. Perhaps you would like to add a gas turbine engine endorsement to your licence?

Your flight review will generally take one hour in the classroom and one hour in flight. We will progressively take you through skills that you rarely use, including emergency procedures so that your skills are finely tuned at the end of the flight.

Helitec - Pilot Training

Ratings & Endorsements

Helitec can progress your career by training you for the following ratings and endorsements:

(a) Gas Turbine Engine Endorsement:
Bell Jetranger or Robinson R66
(b) Low Level Rating
(c) Sling Endorsement
(d) Float Endorsement
(e) Night VFR Rating
(f) Formation Flight Endorsement
(g) Flight Instructor Rating

We look forward to discussing your training requirements.
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Helitec - Pilot Training

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